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We write insurance reports for many types of Mobile Phone and electronic devices!

Need help in eliminating the frustrations of dealing with your Insurer for a damaged mobile device? Feel free to contact us!

We write insurance reports for many types of mobile phone and electronic devices! Quick, convenient and super affordable, we’re here to help you make your claim, minus the stress!

Mobile phone insurance reports made easy

There is nothing worse than losing your mobile device at the wrong time! You’ve got a business phone call, you’ve worked all day on your phone meeting, and then *CRACK! *, a bolt of lightning hits and you’ve lost your mobile. However, the frustration of dealing with your Insurance Company and their paperwork might be the very thing that pushes you over the edge.

But wait! Our Mobile King staff can save you!

With a professional technical will inspect the device and issue you a technical report within 24 hours.

On top of this, we also offer a range of phone-related service such as mobile phone unlock, mobile phone repairs and malware removal throughout Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong.

Step #1 – Damage Report

Has your mobile phone or device been accidentally dropped  from a dizzy height, or a bolt of thunder has smoked the mobile, or you’ve had the misfortune of having water spilled all over the phone?

If the answer is YES; We’ll do a full comprehensive assessment of your mobile device identifying the damaged cause.

Step #2 – Replace or Repair.. that is the question!

The question is whether the mobile phone is fixable, can we get it up and running, or do we get the local undertaker?

We’ll provide you and your insurance company the complete low-down on what the options are. Getting you back up and running quickly.

Step #3 – We write up a detail report

Our technician on the day will write up a clear and concise report so that your insurer has the complete picture. It’s this report that will make the whole claim process that much easier. We’ll even send the report to you or your Insurer and liaise with them on your behalf!

Step #4 – Sigh with Relief!

As quickly as the incident happened, we can get you back up on your feet. So, if the insurance company is feeling generous and decides to replace your phone/mobile device we can even help setup your new one and transfer your information across!


By calling us/fill out the form today you can get a local Mobile Expert to provide a comprehensive insurance report for the damage that has been caused to your Mobile phone or electronic device.

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